Launches new website

Welcome to NOSCA Clean Ocean's new 'face' to the public.

– The cluster’s own website has received a real renovation, says Eirik Langeland, leader of NOSCA Clean Oceans.

NOSCA Clean Ocean’s new website will be a source of inspiration and information for both members and interested parties.

– As NOSCA has matured and developed as a cluster, we also thought it was time for the websites to reflect our focus and our efforts. This is important, not least because the website is the first encounter with NOSCA Clean Oceans for many. We are very proud and pleased to have modernized the expression and created a solution that shows the depth of our business, and which can be useful to both members and other visitors. Of course, we hope that the users of the site like what they see, says Langeland.

The website has been given a new look, as well as new and more intuitive menus and categories. Not least, many more news and events will be published. The aim of the new pages is to better convey the exciting work that both the individual members do, and activities that the cluster does together.

– The website will make it easier to find the information you need. There will also be a portal that conveys interesting news about all the activities, processes and projects that the cluster is a driving force for, says Langeland.

– We also encourage our members to actively share the cluster’s exciting news from the website further in their networks.