DNV joins as NOSCA member

– Looks forward to a successful collaboration

NOSCA’s membership base has recently had new, strong addition in form of DNV (Det Norske Veritas)

This is a leading global quality assurance and risk management company with presence in over 100 countries.

Higher ambitions

– We were part of NOSCA when it was a special-interest organisation, but left as we felt that it lost some of its drive. Today we see a renewed and more ambitious version of NOSCA that incorporates a broader range of companies and institutions, says Hans Petter Dahlslett, who is Senior Principal Consultant for environmental risk management and emergency preparedness in Energy Systems, DNV.

– We have collaborated with NOSCA members in connection with emergency oil-spill response for years. Now we are also looking at other types of pollution, such as microplastic etc., something that offers vast opportunities for synergies between traditional and new enterprises. It is an exciting development which we would like to add to with our knowledge and expertise.

All-encompassing operation

With DNV on board, NOSCA has added to its team a world-leading supplier of everything from risk management to security for vessels, process plants and offshore installations. In addition, the company has increased focus on the green shift and all that this entails.


– This offers an array of new opportunities in which NOSCA companies may play an important part. We aim to become an active participant where we contribute with substantial knowledge in environmental monitoring and microplastics, says Dahlslett.


He emphasises that DNV is a heavy-weight in oil spill response, with experience in every aspect of the value chain.


– We work with the authorities and a broad selection of industrial and technology companies. Several of NOSCA’s members have had their technology verified by us in the past, and there are currently a number of new projects in the pipeline. We would like to be instrumental in this, including NOSCA’s exciting efforts combat the negative impact of algae.

Start-up support

DNV has experts who can offer advice on most relevant issues.


– This can be of particular benefit to start-up companies that find themselves in uncharted waters and do not have full overview of an ever-more complicated raft of regulations. Our task is to help customers make good and correct decisions, and to increase confidence in the companies and the products and services they supply, says Dahlslett.


Eirik Langeland, General Manager of NOSCA Clean Oceans, is delighted that DNV has returned to the cluster.


– DNV will be a welcome and key member with vast and highly recognised expertise in oil spill response. This will now become equally important in other areas where independent quality control leads to increased credibility.


  • DNV GL is a global quality assurance and risk management company with presence in over 100 countries and headquarters at Høvikodden, Norway.
  • The company is fully owned by Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas, a foundation established in 1864 with the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment.
  • Employs in the region of 11 600 people.
Hans Petter Dahlslett, gruppeleder for miljørisiko og beredskap i Energy Systems, DNV