Strategic planning for the future

The members of NOSCA Clean Oceans have great ambitions, and have expanded their oil spill response competencies to include ocean plastic and other marine pollution, harmful algae and marine threats. This unlocks new, exciting opportunities through which to transfer their technology and expertise to important areas of the environmental sector and Norwegian business and industry.

– We have operated as an Arena cluster for one year, and have from the start had a more mature member base compared with a cluster built from scratch. We have already collaborated for almost 30

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Launches new website

Welcome to NOSCA Clean Ocean’s new ‘face’ to the public.

– The cluster’s own website has received a real renovation, says Eirik Langeland, leader of NOSCA Clean Oceans.

NOSCA Clean Ocean’s new website will be a source of inspiration and information for both members and interested parties.

– As NOSCA has matured and developed as a cluster, we also thought it was time for the websites to reflect our focus and our efforts. This is important, not least because the website is the first encounter with NOSCA Clean Oceans for many. We are

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Opening of the NOSCA test center

On Thursday 15. October 2020, the Innovation Cluster NOSCA Clean Oceans opened its new test center at Store Lungegårdsvann in Bergen. Going forward, the “Store Lungen” will function as a fantastic test pool for the development of groundbreaking technology for collecting marine polution. During the opening event, completely new solutions were presented, such as self-propelled autonomous vessels and other technology that collects plastic in the oceans.

In Store Lungegårdsvann in Bergen alone, 400 kilos of plastic fuses have been collected in three and a half months. They have followed explosives that

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Major cleanup to reset the heart of Bergen

On Tuesday 19 November, more than 300 students, businesses, authorities, and voluntary organizations will come together to purify Store Lundegårdsvann of plastic. The area will be a test arena for the development of new technology for the collection of marine waste.

– Plastic waste from blasting stones has become a huge problem. When filling up rock mass in the sea, explosive remnants are flushed into the water and we see how large amounts of plastic spread and contribute to pollution. We will address this. First, we reset the area. Then we

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